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My Masterpiece

by | October 9, 2019

Masterpiece is defined as a piece of work by a craftsman accepted as a qualification for membership of the guild as an acknowledged master. But yet, I am not a master of anything, I am a master of none. But I called my PROJECTS as my MASTERPIECE as I craft them and build them to create great value like a true master.


Here’s a list of some projects I’ve been working on lately. This page might be updated from time to time.



It was the company that I built, legally it’s name is SPARCH Technical Support Services. It was a DTI Registered business as a sole proprietor in the Philippines. The name SPARCH was derived from a contest winner in squadhelp. Supposed to be it’s goal is to build my own BPO company but online.

Since I am a VBA Developer, it was the initial plan to deliver excel and access tools. But, eventually led me to managing Website Development. I, together with my Web Developer, we are currently working for a pioneer client – to provide a Multi-Purpose Portal for a Cooperative company.

I have other website app in mind that I wanted to develop and startup with but that would be scheduled in time.


PinoyHomebuyer Blog

I started PinoyHomebuyer Blog because I was introduced to Real Estate. Selling properties, condominiums and other Real Estate stuff. I have an ambition for this blog, that it would be a go-to resource website for innovative Real Estate selling and buying.


Pinoy Homebuyer simply represents Filipino homebuyers. The goal is to create an innovative experiment towards selling and buying properties.


For now, it was not yet fully utilized and still in the process of innovation.



Catholic Mass Online Blog

I do love the Catholic Mass and I want to explore more of it and share my learnings through this blog. Another thing that I loved with this masterpiece, is to have the mapping source like in the Real Estate where catholics can visit the website and find the church they wanted to visit. This is not designed for just my country, it was too ambitious to have information around the world.


Information like Mass Schedules, Social Media, location maps and pictures of each Catholic Churches and other informations to easily find a Catholic Church.


Hopefully, someday it would bloom but for now, it was there and the work is in progress.



The Asenso Hub Blog

I started the Asenso Hub Blog because I want to share all my learning online. Since I am in the process of wanting to build my own internet business. Through this blog, I would be able to share my journey and experiments, no matter what the result is. Either it’s a heart-break or a successful endeavor.