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Meet Sarah B.

More of Me

Hi there!

My name is Sarah. I am a normal person with a not so normal life but that’s totally fine. Sometimes we need to experience heart-breaks and failures to become even more stronger and wiser. I love exploring things especially online things. It’s one of my favorite things to do since grade school when computers exist.

I graduated from AMA Computer University with a 4-years Bachelors Degree in BS Computer Science, I also undergo 2-years vocational course before that and graduated with Business Information System. I went to different private jobs, and when BPO or Business Processing Outsourcing arised from the Philippines, I started working with different BPO companies.


It’s been 3 years when I finally landed in my dream company with my dream job as a Software Engineer, but it also went out after 3.5 years when I got a bigger offer. I left that company, started with my new company, but was laid off after 4 months. We can really dictate what should our future be.


After being laid off in November 2017, I started pursuing online work which I landed a stable job in March 2018. After having a stable online job, where I become an internet addict, something crossed my mind. A crazy idea that I want to build my own internet business. I’ve been creating some internet business back then, but it was not that stable. Having one stable client to fund my daily needs, with a stable compensation and result-based work, I am able to dedicate some of my time to building my own internet business. And the rest is history.


Freelancing is really the new OFW (Online Filipino Worker). It gives you the freedom to earn and work for foreign clients without leaving your own country. It also gives better compensation of course. And most of all, you have the freedom to do things you love while working. 


The future that awaits for me while I am in the process of building my own online dream businesses – to share my internet journey – no matter what the result is.




All the best,